Tessa Lynn Knight C.M.P

Practitioner of, 

Esalen Massage and Deep Bodywork.


Cert# 64729

Rates and Packages

*Unlock and Discover*

Esalen Massage 

ESALEN MASSAGE is trademarked, unifying and sedating modality of bodywork. Complete with gentle stretching,  joint rotations and the long stroke. This style of massage relaxes and unifies the body. A meditative client centered approach has been deeply cultivated for this practice.

$100 per 60 Minutes.

$125 per 75  


Deep Bodywork

Deep Bodywork is a Trademarked modality of massage that uses a idle-pace and a gravity-base. Combining this form of Bodywork with Esalen Massage compliments one another by luring you into deep trance like relaxation. The intention, depth, gravity, and ponderous approach to the body create an environment of quality, restructuring, and healing.

$100 per 60 minutes.

$150 per 90 minutes. 

$200 per 120 minutes.

$300 per 180 minutes.

*The longer the session the deeper the work.

Package Deals

Sustain and Maintain your most Important tool with regular massage.

one hour a month for six months 

one hour a month for 12 months 


One hour a month for 12 month, plus two, one hour gift certificates, and $10 off on all following hours of massage. 




Thai Yoga Massage


Oils and Linens

Thai Yoga massage is known for rhythmic pressure and gentle stretching, increasing flexibility and range of motion. Thai Massage is unique in that its influences harmonization of energy by tapping into the Sen Lines. This technique is preformed on fully clothed clients and no oils are used.

$100 per 60 minutes.

$150 per 90


Hot Towels

Essential Oils



Energy Work

Inner Oral (TMD)

Deep Hips


Hiatal Hernia


"medicinal" salve

*Seasonal essential oil blends

*Oct-Nov (The essence of fall)

 *Dec- Jan (Long crisp winter nights)

Available at no additional charge by request.

Lotions are produced independently and are organic. Vegan options available by request. Organic linens laundered in unscented detergents.

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