Tessa Knight C.M.P

507 south main st. Sebastopol C.A 95472

HWY 116

Practitioner of Deep Bodywork and Esalen Massage

California state cert. #64729

 Please text for appointment (707) 223-1014

Tessa was built for Deep Bodywork. Years on the farm and a strong and secure stature, along with being cross dominant make her ideal to practice the trademarked form of deep tissue, Deep Bodywork. Practicing massage since a small child, she received her practitioners certificate in 2002. Followed with certificates in Esalen Massage, and Deep Bodywork. Tessa has harnessed the idle pace with deep meditation and a client centered approach. Known for her two and three hour sessions, focusing on specific areas of stagnation, along with over all, a graceful, full body massage.


"Tessa is amazing, and the benefits of her work were felt for days afterwards! We gave her a workout, scheduling 4 family members in a row in one day! I was the last to get one and she had all the energy and strength needed to give me on of the best massages iv'e ever had"!

5 stars* - M.A Ambrosia

"Tessa is a truly perceptive therapist, I have two chronic problems and she made her way quickly to them and was effective. She also found places that needed work done that I had not realizes were so tight, she makes good use of different levels of strength in a impressively intuitive way,  Over the last 20 years I have had my back issue worked on by many different people, and she is one of the best if not the  best. I left her office feeling that my overall health was improved, then went on to  another two days of hiking and being out in the country to realize the improvement was a lasting effect".

Five stars* - D. Macleay

"Earlier this year I was rear ended and sustained a severe cervical strain. Fast forward a few months, after work don't to my neck in Eureka, I was having issues with it again, I went to Tessa and I swear her hands were magic, I literally told her that there were electric pulses coming our of her fingertips. She does deep body work , so I was sore a few days. After the soreness I had more rotation in my neck and shoulder, I am so thankful, Her space is very relaxing and she has a sweet personality, This may be my first time to her but it won't be my last".

five stars*  -S. Warren