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Practitioner of Deep Bodywork and Esalen massage 

Proudly Serving Fortuna, Humboldt County.

Setting the standard in Deep Tissue

Deep Bodywork is gravity based and an idle paced trademarked form of deep Tissue.  When complimented with soothing and seamless, Esalen massage, making for a truly uniquely deep and therapeutic  experience.

One hour focused consultation on areas specific, to relieve discomfort. Two and three hours sessions available for a well rounded experience. 



Located 658 main st. Fortuna, Ca. 

Main entrance through the Humboldt Equity Realty (Tudor style home). Upstairs and to the right.

Humboldt County, Ca. 

One hour $125 

Just hip hour $125

Two hour $200

Three hour (deep hips, psoas, stretching, joint rotations, hot towels) $400

Gratuity unnecessary. 

Free essential oils, cupping, (by request).

Linens organic.

Salve house made and organic

 (vegan by request). Shower Available.

Tessa Knight C.M.P

Tessa Knight C.M.P a Massage Practitioner since 2002. Certified in ​Deep ​Bodywork and Esalen Massage with a Thai Yoga Massage background. California Certificate #64729​

Original training, Twin Lakes College of the Healing Arts. Located in Santa Cruz, Ca.

Continued education at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, Ca. 

This style of bodywork is few and far between in Northern California. Tessa Knight is world class material.


This is Deep Tissue, The massage may be intense, but is not meant to be painful.

It's requested hydrating day prior, clearing schedule day of, and understanding soreness may follow day after.

Seek reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google sights.

To make an appointment please fill out the, schedule now link, intake form, along with a credit card deposit of $125 is requested for appointment.


Schedule Now

Intake Form

Credit Deposit

welcome to the Castle

Comfortable and warming 750 square feet of bodywork space. Deep Bodywork, Couples Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, there's enough room for it all. Worried about the bathroom during those 2-3 hour sessions? Not a problem, we have a private full bath, with body wash, towels and robe available. 

Private bathroom available

Set back off of Main Street inside the entrance of Humboldt Equity Realty you will find tucked away upstairs a hidden gem of Fortuna. Tessa Knight provides the highest quality in care with a mini retreat experience in deep healing. Emotional release is welcomed, you may laugh, cry and or breath your way through our sessions. Considering the idle pace, 2-3 our appointments highly recommended.

The Hall of PAIN!  

Just kidding, you may be brought to you physical edge, but discomfort is never the intention.